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Successfully Completed Jobs  

We fabricated the following including welding, metal bracket, metal bending, metal cutting, table, cabinet, tool box, roller stand, laydown cradle and many more ... if you can draw it, we can make it to your specification!

Support Frame  Walkway         

 Crane Hook

MPC  Cabinet           Skilled Worker  
Mono Pump  Hopper           Grinding  
Ice Box  Tank           Drilling & Milling CNC  
Corpro  Laydown Cradles           Drilling Machine  
Dynaline  DSCN1687           Drill & Column  
Loadcell  DSCN1364           Welder Working  
Skide  DSCN1454           Spanner & Nut  
Tool Basket  OIl Tank           Wire Brush  
Stand  Man at Work           Channel Lock Pliers  
Cradle  Handicap Ramp